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So, I’ve been working towards becoming a better writer. I like how I write, don’t get me wrong, but I always feel like my writing is too robotic. I blame it on the fact that I went a few years without writing for fun or creativity (unless you count songwriting), and instead wrote business, professional, or academic pieces for other people. As a result, I’ve become a much better writer, but a much worse storyteller than I used to be. I’m part of a writing group on Facebook, and I posted an excerpt from a portal fantasy story I’m working…

Do you people just put "men" in every topic to get clicks? Yup, Medium is the women version of MGTOW

As a Nigerian, I just wrote about this. Please do not use us as a way to spite black americans. Many Nigerian immigrants including friends and family members in the US are poor and struggling and working multiple jobs. Yes, some are also successful but their success isn't for you to weaponize against BAs. Thank you

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I’ve been meaning to write about this for a long time. Even before the recent emergent spike in hate crimes against Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders (AAPIs). I’ve long held a discomfort towards the way that AAPIs are upheld in America as — wait for it — the model minority. I always talk and write about the complexity of identity and how identities are made up of layers; how each individual isn’t just one thing. Sometimes the layers within a single person can bring about complex contradictions. In this case, as an immigrant (one layer in my identity), I understand the complexity…

Sorry, I came across a bit harsh. I think I was speaking to all of the people I've seen say these things but taking it out on you. I respect your perspective for sure, and maybe I should've framed my thoughts differently because I don't believe people are always conscious of their own bias. I think sometimes people may not realize they're doing something. So more of a call to question and food for thought than an accusation, I guess. You're great and you've been diplomatic. Sorry I was brash. and thanks for the following.

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The dreaded late twenties everyone talks about has become even more tenacious. What do you get when you mix one of life’s toughest phases with a social environment that is already immersed in chronic isolation facilitated by over-effective communication technology and — toxic self-absorption confused for — individualism? You get an entire generation of adult children roaming around with a contradictory combination of loneliness and fear of intimacy. You can also throw in an over-idealization of love and relationships — something most would rather idealize than practice.

One’s late twenties is a phase where things inevitably begin to fall in…

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There are several abstract psycho-emotional phenomena out there that many people may need to be introduced to. Rejection isn’t one of them. We’ve all been there. We’ve all had a crush, a love interest, an infatuation, with someone who we’ve become fixated upon, insistent that we’re meant to be with them. It’s amazing how certain that feeling always is. The most indecisive person incapable of making the simplest of decisions — the one person who spends hours picking out their work clothes for the next day, suddenly becomes confident in their ability to make choices. It’s always so certain. You’re…

I had a dream when I left home,
To build a nation on blood and bones,
I killed and stole in the name of God,
Till the land was cursed with a thirst for blood.

Centuries run by, yet we can’t outrun,
The inhumanity and what we’ve become.
Everyone sings “Freedom” till they’re old and dead,
Yet they sleep with machine guns under their beds…

War and guns are all we know,
War and guns are how we grow,
The times our pockets ran light and dry,
War and blood was how we coped…

The world watches cause we’ve dazzled…

It’s a very long read…

Identity is a very complex thing, and there are few things more frustrating than living in a country that has such an obsession with identity and little-to-no understanding or appreciation for the complexity of it.

Renowned ancient philosopher, Plato, defines the immigrant as atopos, a quaint hybrid devoid of place, dis-placed, in the twofold sense of incongruous and inopportune, trapped in that mongrel sector of social space betwixt and between social being and nonbeing. Neither citizen nor foreigner, neither on the side of the Same nor on that of the Other, he exists only by…

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Where to begin?

White fragility, for most people, is a scenario like that of Amy Cooper and the Birder in Central Park, or the countless instances of “Karen” moments that have gone viral just this year alone. For me, I can’t ignore the gaping, underlying fragility in many of the counterpoints and counterarguments right-wing America presents to many civil rights topics. One paradigm I’ve been able to spot is that white fragility is rooted mostly in the fear of discomfort. Discomfort particularly in talking about race or anything pertinent thereof. For me, white fragility lies in the alternative mask that…


I have a lot of opinions about a lot of things..

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