God Bless America: A Poem…

I had a dream when I left home,
To build a nation on blood and bones,
I killed and stole in the name of God,
Till the land was cursed with a thirst for blood.

Centuries run by, yet we can’t outrun,
The inhumanity and what we’ve become.
Everyone sings “Freedom” till they’re old and dead,
Yet they sleep with machine guns under their beds…

War and guns are all we know,
War and guns are how we grow,
The times our pockets ran light and dry,
War and blood was how we coped…

The world watches cause we’ve dazzled them,
With our emptiness sold as confidence,
But we know things are not how we make them seem,
And most of us are yet to wake from the American Dream…

We elect mirrors to live in a house built by slaves and painted pretty,
We assign killers and give them guns to thin the herd and terrorize the cities.
When our children read the history books,
They ask why did we let it happen.
Let it??? We did it ourselves!

Dead history resurrects…Lazarus…
Lies told in pretty fonts…Helvetica!
May fake wars protect our delirium,
And (say it with me) may GOD BLESS AMERICA!

I have a lot of opinions about a lot of things..