This, along with many articles on here and posts on social media, is needlessly antagonistic. I agree with the point that it's not a day for celebrating the Afro Diaspora though.

A few years ago, I was on the bandwagon and partook in what people are now describing as being an echo chamber. I blindly jumped on board and supported things that seemed to be attached to the movement of equality.

I stopped doing that a couple years back once I realized not everyone who is writing about equality genuinely cares for it.

People really need to stop and realize that the more you continue to measure progress by abstract, hyper-specific factors, the more you're going to alienate people and the ones who manage to keep up are just going to be those keeping up for the sake of doing so, and not out out authentic intent. They may start out authentic, but you can only move a goal post so much until it ends up on the opposite side of the field and you tackling your own goalkeeper and scoring on yourself. This is disingenuous and it doesn't contribute anything to progress. It scolds and excludes and it shuts down conversations.

I have a lot of opinions about a lot of things..